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At Sam Aguiar Injury Lawyers, our dedicated team of Elizabethtown personal injury lawyers are committed to providing you with top-notch legal representation. With a deep understanding of Kentucky’s laws and a passionate commitment to our clients, we strive to ensure that every individual we represent receives the compassionate support, full guidance, and aggressive advocacy they need to secure the compensation they rightfully deserve. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, a workplace injury, or any other form of personal injury, our experienced accident attorneys in Elizabethtown are here to help you on your case with confidence and ease. Trust us to be your advocate and partner in seeking justice and healing.

Why Sam Aguiar Injury Lawyers is the Choice for You

  • Wrongful Death:
    • $12 Million
    • $5.2 Million
    • $2.5 Million
  • Truck Accidents:
    • $6.1 Million 
    • $3.6 Million
    • $3.0 Million
    • $2.0 Million
    • $800,000
    • $750,000
  • Car Accidents:
    • $1.75 Million
    • $1.2 Million
    • $1.2 Million
    • $1.15 Million
    • $925,000
  • Civil Rights:
    • $1.6 Million
    • $1.25 Million
    • $1.0 Million
  • Dram Shop:
    • $850,000
  • Premises Liability:
    • $800,000
  • Slip & Fall:
    • $750,000
    • $550,000

Why Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Is Necessary for a Successful Claim

Dealing with the aftermath of an injury can be stressful given all the aftermath you are faced with after an injury. Hiring a lawyer allows you to focus on your recovery while they handle the legal complexities of your case. Here’s some ways in which our lawyers at Sam Aguiar Injury Lawyers will assist:

  • Knowledge of Law and Procedure: Personal injury laws can be complex. Our experienced lawyer understands the specifics of Kentucky laws and the procedural rules that must be followed in our legal system.
  • Objective Case Evaluation: Our lawyer will provide you with an objective and truthful evaluation of your claim to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We will calculate the full extent of your damages, including those you might not have considered, like future medical costs, pain and suffering, and loss of earning capacity.
  • Gathering and Presenting Evidence: Building a strong case requires resources, such as the ability to conduct investigations, gather evidence, and consult with experts. We have a strong network that we rely on to gather the best information for your claim.
  • Dealing with Insurance Companies: Insurance companies often seek to minimize payouts. We will negotiate with these companies to protect your rights so you do not feel pressured into accepting a lowball offer. If needed, we are ready to take your case to trial and litigate your claim in front of a judge or jury.

Types of Elizabethtown Personal Injury Claims Handled by Sam Aguiar Injury Lawyers

At Sam Aguiar Injury Lawyers, we handle a wide range of personal injury claims in Elizabethtown, including:
Car Accidents: Representing victims injured in car collisions, focusing on recovering compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

  • Truck Accidents: Handling cases involving commercial trucks, where injuries can be severe, requiring in-depth understanding of federal and state transportation laws. Speak to an Elizabethtown truck accident attorney today. 
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Advocating for motorcyclists injured due to the negligence of other drivers, navigating the unique challenges these cases often present. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Elizabethtown are here for you.
  • Slip and Falls: Assisting individuals who have been injured on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions, ensuring property owners are held accountable.
  • Workplace Injuries: Representing workers injured on the job, helping them navigate workers’ compensation claims or third-party lawsuits for compensation.
  • Wrongful Death: Providing compassionate legal assistance to families seeking justice for loved ones lost due to negligence, aiming to secure financial stability for the bereaved. Our Elizabethtown wrongful death attorneys are here to handle your case.
  • Dog Bites: Helping victims of dog attacks receive compensation for their injuries, including medical expenses and emotional trauma. If you were bit by a dog, speak to an Elizabethtown dog bite lawyer as soon as possible.

Comparative Fault in Elizabethtown Personal Injury Claims

KRS 411.182 outlines the principle of “pure comparative fault” in personal injury claims. It states:

“411.182 Allocation of fault in tort actions — Award of damages — Effect of release. (1) In all tort actions, including products liability actions, involving fault of more than one (1) party to the action, including third-party defendants and persons who have been released under subsection (4) of this section, the court, unless otherwise agreed by all parties, shall instruct the jury to answer interrogatories or, if there is no jury, shall make findings indicating: (a) The amount of damages each claimant would be entitled to recover if contributory fault is disregarded; and (b) The percentage of the total fault of all the parties to each claim that is allocated to each claimant, defendant, third-party defendant, and person who has been released from liability under subsection (4) of this section. (2) In determining the percentages of fault, the trier of fact shall consider both the nature of the conduct of each party at fault and the extent of the causal relation between the conduct and the damages claimed. (3) The court shall determine the award of damages to each claimant in accordance with the findings, subject to any reduction under subsection (4) of this section, and shall determine and state in the judgment each party’s equitable share of the obligation to each claimant in accordance with the respective percentages of fault.”

What this statute means in plain English the allocation of damages may change in personal injury claims when the plaintiff shares fault in the accident. Under this rule, the court or jury evaluates the evidence of each party’s fault in causing the injury and assigns a percentage of fault. The total compensation an injured party can receive is then adjusted based on their percentage of fault. Even if the injured party is partially responsible for the accident, they can still recover damages, but the amount awarded will be reduced in proportion to their fault.

For example, imagine an Elizabethtown car accident where the injured driver was found to be 30% at fault for speeding, while the other driver, who ran a red light, was 70% at fault. If the total damages were calculated to be $100,000, the injured driver’s compensation would be reduced by their 30% share of the fault, allowing them to recover 70% of the damages, or $70,000. This system ensures that all parties are held accountable for their actions while still allowing injured individuals to receive compensation for their losses proportional to their degree of fault.

Expert Witnesses in Elizabethtown Personal Injury Claims

Expert witnesses are typically experienced medical professionals in fields relevant to the plaintiff’s injuries. They provide detailed insights and testimony that can be crucial for establishing the severity, causation of injuries, and justifying the requested compensation. Medical expert witnesses can explain complex medical conditions and treatments in understandable terms for the court, helping to clarify how the injury occurred, the likelihood of recovery, and the long-term implications of the injury on the plaintiff’s physical and mental health. This can include testimony on the necessity and extent of medical treatments, rehabilitation, and any permanent disabilities or limitations that arise from the injury.

For example, in a case involving a traumatic brain injury, a neurologist might be called upon to discuss the victim’s prognosis, ongoing symptoms, potential for future complications, and the need for continued medical care. Similarly, in a case involving spinal injuries, an orthopedic surgeon or a physical therapist could provide expert opinions on the surgery, physical therapy required, and the impact of the injury on the victim’s ability to work and perform daily activities.
The effective use of medical expert witnesses can significantly influence the outcome of an Elizabethtown personal injury claim by providing the evidence needed to support claims for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and future care needs.

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