What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Louisville?

A recent US News and World Report study looked at the number of fatal accidents per capita in the 50 largest U.S. cities from 2016 to 2020. The study also looked at the average fatality rate per mile, the number of DUI arrests per capita, and auto thefts. Of the 50 cities, Louisville ranked fourth. Only Memphis, Albuquerque, and Detroit were considered to be more dangerous. Drivers must be aware of the most dangerous roads and intersections so they can be more alert when traveling. They should also know how to report an accident and, if injured, how to contact Louisville injury lawyers.

Intersections are inherently dangerous. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 25% of traffic fatalities and 50% of all traffic injuries are attributed to intersections. Knowing some of the most dangerous intersections in Louisville can reduce the chance of needing injury lawyers in Louisville.

Here is a list of three of the most dangerous intersections in Louisville.

Dixie Highway at Pendleton Road

The Dixie Highway (31W) had a fatality rate three times higher than similar roadways. A New Dixie Highway project was completed in 2020 to improve the safety of the highway between Crums Lane and Greenwood Road. Medians were added and left-turn-only lanes were put into place. Unfortunately, these safety measures did not include Pendleton Road.

Pendleton Road is without a median. As a result, vehicles involved in an accident can be pushed into oncoming traffic. Without dedicated left-turn lanes, drivers become impatient and attempt to cross traffic prematurely. When oncoming traffic cannot stop, collisions result, and personal injury lawyers should be contacted.

Second Street at Broadway

In 2019, Second Street and Broadway was considered the most dangerous intersection in Louisville. In fact, this area is so dangerous that the Metro Government has launched a Broadway Master Plan to make the street safer for cars, pedestrians, and cyclists. Broadway has ten of the most dangerous intersections in the region.

Like many of the streets intersecting Broadway, traffic uses two- and one-way streets, where pedestrians have the right-of-way. Given the congestion, drivers are tempted to disregard traffic signals and even speed limits. Many become distracted while trying to navigate through heavy traffic.

As part of its Safe System Approach, the Louisville Planning Commission is looking at ways to minimize driving hazards at Broadway intersections. They consider improving Broadway essential to its revitalization.

Bardstown Road at Grinstead Drive

Bardstown Road experiences a high volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It connects interstate highways that serve as commuting routes for many Louisville residents. The Bardstown area is a cultural destination, especially along the half-mile that includes Grinstead Drive. Numerous restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and retail shops attract visitors and residents to the area.

The dangers of Bardstown Road at Grinstead Drive were the subject of a 2021 council meeting. The primary concern was the pedestrian-related accidents that occur because of inebriated customers and distracted shoppers. A commissioned study found that more than 20,000 vehicles pass the intersection each day. The study also found that:

  • Pedestrian and driver behavior contributed to the high number of accidents. Alcohol-related crashes were double those in the rest of Jefferson County.
  • Poor lighting reduced visibility, causing 35% of all accidents.
  • Infrastructure-related issues added to the 1.3 accidents per day. The four-lane undivided highway has 47 intersections without traffic signals.

Drivers should be aware of poor lighting and minimal traffic control signals as they navigate through the intersection. After speaking with injury lawyers, Louisville residents understand how external conditions can contribute to a car accident.

Reducing Accidents at Dangerous Intersections

Intersections present drivers with increased information. They must be aware of the following:

  • Traffic directions such as one-way streets
  • Multiple lanes of traffic to monitor
  • Pedestrians who have the right of way regardless of where they cross
  • Traffic lights and stop signs
  • Speed limit

These factors do not include weather or road conditions that impact how a vehicle responds. Many drivers do not consider the added requirements that intersections present, which can increase the likelihood of an accident.

Louisville is working with the nonprofit Vision Zero to improve the safety of its intersections. Its goal is to achieve zero fatalities by 2050. Louisville residents and visitors can do their part to improve road safety by being aware of the dangers that intersections present and using safe driving tips wherever they travel.

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