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What To Do After A Car Wreck

Over 6 million car wrecks happen each year, causing over 3 million people to be injured nationwide. In 2020 alone, Kentucky saw nearly 120,000 car wrecks, leaving over 29,000 people injured. These collisions happen because other drivers are distracted, under the influence, or were driving in an unsafe manner putting others at risk. Although a crash may be unintended, it does not mean someone was not negligent and at fault. Even still, through no fault of their own, the safest drivers can become victims when they cross paths with an inattentive driver.

The Kentucky State Police’s 2020 Collision Report found that 40,870 car crashes occurred because of driver inattention. Another 4,978 wrecks were alcohol-related resulting in over 2,700 injuries with 1,873 wrecks stemming from drug involvement. Speeding, weaving in traffic, and following too closely were dangerous actions that caused another 6,879 crashes. The results can leave life changing injuries for victims. Large medical bills, loss of income, and undue stress and burdens become the reality the victims and their families must face.

Everyone has the duty and responsibility to drive in a manner that keeps all people safe. When a driver breaches this duty and injuries another, the law requires them to be responsible for the injuries they cause. However, Kentucky has a threshold where medical bills must be over $1,000 or there is a broken bone, permanent disfigurement, permanent injury or death. One of these things must be present in order for the at-fault driver to be responsible. Typically, a lawsuit must be brought within two years of the wreck, with some exceptions.

Injured victims should always seek immediate medical attention from a qualified medical professional. Next, it is important to reach out to a tried-and-true injury law firm with a proven track record in auto injury cases. Sam Aguiar Injury Lawyers understands how difficult a car wreck can be on the injured and their families. Our attorneys and professionals are prepared to adamantly protect your rights with dedicated expertise and communication from the beginning to the end.

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